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Is your Linkedin profile set up correct?
Linkedin is amazing and can be such a fantastic tool. Everyone should have a fully set up Linkedin profile, the issue is so many people only half set up the profile. This could reseult in less people connecting with you OR missing out due to key words not being picked up. Everyone should have a full linkedin profile.
We can set up the profile for you
In addition to Recruitment, we also have other services. We can set up a Linkedin account for people. This is for anyone not just job seekers. We understand the power of Linkedin and can give you the knowledge needed. It can take 3 - 4 hours to set up a Linkedin profile in a correct way, we can support you with this.
Our services include:
  • do a call to find out more about yourself, to make suggestions about what should be on linkedin
  • write your profile section and tag line
  • review the linkedin URL
  • Write the employment section
  • allocate hashtags
  • Giive suggestions on picture to use and on content to add
Email now
We can give a review of the linkedin account and give you some basic suggestions
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We would create a report for you about the full areas to review and do a call with you. This report will cover all the changes you should make
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We would set up the account for you remote, this can take 3-4 hours to do plus suggestions on posts to do.
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