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Here are some pro's and Con's

Here is a guide for all job seekers! A new job opportunity has come your way, but are you unsure whether to accept it or not? Here are some pros and cons to consider before making your decision:


Career growth: The new job may provide opportunities for career advancement and professional development, helping you achieve your long-term career goals.
Salary and benefits: The new job may offer a higher salary, better benefits, and perks such as flexible working hours or better shift patterns.
New challenges: The new job may present new challenges and opportunities to learn, improving your skills and making you more well-rounded.
Company culture: The company culture may be a better fit for you, aligning with your values and work style.
Location: The new job may be closer to home, removing your commute or enabling you to live in a new city or country. For our Hospitality candidates it might also come with accommodation.

Job security: Leaving a stable job for a new one can be risky, if you have done your research & be truthful on your CV, this should not be a major concern.
Unknown work environment: You may not know the work environment, team dynamics, or expectations until you start the new job. Our Hospitality clients offer a short work trial so you can see the work environment and our sales/logistics clients often do a informal meet the team coffee as well. This helps with this sometimes.
Workload and stress: The new job may come with a heavier workload and more stress. It is important to understand the role.
Company stability: The new company may be in a less stable industry or financial position, which could impact job security and future growth opportunities. Always do your research or ask our team for some inside information about the company.
Compatibility with management: You may not know whether you will work well with your new manager or report to someone with a different management style. Change can also be a good thing and help develop you.

Before making a decision, take time to weigh the pros and cons and determine which factors are most important to you. Are you ready for a new challenge? Or do you value job security and stability more right now?

When we register you we ask about your 3 motivators for moving jobs, we try hard to match these to the role. When we do the registration call please be really honest about the 3 motivators, this helps us to match you. Our recruitment partners here at HtE Recruitment are here to help you make the best decision for your career – contact us today to chat over the pro’s and Con’s.


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