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HtE Recruitment is a leading UK Recruitment agency for the Hospitality and Catering industry. We have a wide range of candidates looking for positions, many of whom would consider positions oversea's.

If your looking to work oversea's yourself or looking for Chefs and Managers to join your team, HtE  Recruitment is here to support you.

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Middle East


Sous chef - Dubai.

We are currently looking for a Sous chef to join a Italian Restaurant in the Middle East. This kitchen serves high standard Italian dishes and is well known in Duabi. The package includes a studio apartmentannual flights, medical insurance and transport. 

We are looking for a Sous chef with a strong knowledge of Italian dishes.




Sous chef - Brussels - Contract catering

We are looking for a Sous chef for a British Contract Catering company with a site in Europe. Accommodation is provided, mon-fri 7-4pm, weekends off. The contract catering company serves all fresh food. The accommodation is within a appartment