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HtE Recruitment is a national provider of Temp Chefs, with Chefs based across the UK. Trading since 2007, HtE Recruitment work with a wide range of clients including Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Sporting venues and Casinos. Our team include former Chefs and Managers, who know the market very well.To book a Chef or Manager you can call HtE Recruitment on:0161 300 7862 (northern uk) 0203 542 6103 (southern uk)Email OR you can fill out this form booking form and a team member will contact you back.

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After filling the details click on the SUBMIT button. We will call or email you back about the booking to confirm availability, if your a new or returning client - we will discuss rates and will discuss available chefs or Managers. (this is a booking information form only - we will make contact to arrange T&Cs, discuss who is available and to confirm the booking of a Temp Chef )If you have any issues filling the form out - please call 0203 542 6103 or 0161 300 7862