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Queen's Platinum Jubilee 2022

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

This year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, She is the first British monarch to ever have a platinum jubilee and yes, it will also mean the UK will have a long bank holiday weekend. This will be a great opportunity for your business to run extra events to increase revenue and attract new customers. We’ve put together some tried and tested examples, with a British theme, to help your business commemorate and capitalise on this special occasion. 

When is it?

Thursday 2nd June to Sunday 5th June 2022

This is the extended Bank Holiday that will be running, you may be able to plan and use this time to run an event that can bring in revenue for your business, it doesn’t have to be anything extreme or intense, if it’s suitable for your business, consider using this period to launch a campaign that could generate more profit.


What is it?

Being the first British monarch to ever have a Platinum Jubilee, it’s a very special occasion. This is a historic first for the country and will be celebrated across the UK and commonwealth regions. It is essentially a celebration of the longest reign the British monarchy has seen at a staggering 70 years! This has been a much looked forward to event for many and many businesses has looked to festive ways to celebrate the occasion.

What you can do?

Tea parties – A very British thing that would be perfect for businesses with easy access to this format. Some restaurants and businesses are planning to have it run over the Bank Holiday weekend.

Afternoon tea – One that is popular all year round, but sure to be a bigger hit over the platinum jubilee weekend. Consider ways your business could run a promotion to attract customers who go for afternoon teas.

Themed events – This one is a great way to either just celebrate in the workplace with colleagues or to have it outward facing to generate revenue. Essentially you’ll want to pick a theme for the platinum jubilee to show your business is celebrating this event like using heavy purple tone decorations or British themed décor for your business.

Special cakes – More for catering and hospitality businesses. If it’s easy to do, consider running special memorial dessert offers at your business, to commemorate the event with something different some businesses are even running “bake-offs” to generate community engagement!

Sparkling wine afternoon – A more mature one, but consider celebrating with a glass of British sparkling wine on this historic occasion, as showing an interest in all things British at this time of year will be a huge way to win over new customers.

Family fun days – Find an event that you could run that is family friendly, it will be a time where families get together to watch the celebrations unfold. So by capitalising on this with accessible and fun activities for the family could be a good way to stand out among businesses doing their best at this time of year!




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