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Here are answers to standard questions regarding live in accommodation with your chef job

Chef jobs with live in accommodation

some jobs in the Hospitality and catering sector in the UK offer live in accommodation. This page covers standard questions we often get asked. Some clients offer live in accommodation to help them fill vacancies, this is normally Hotels and Pubs who offer this and is normally remote locations. It is rare for city centre establishments to offer live in, as there are places to rent. In remote locations or tourist locations, it is hard to find anywhere to rent, this is why hotels might offer live in. 


What type of accommodation is offered?

Normally, the accommodation is either in a staff house or on a staff floor. It is not going to be a hotel bedroom

Do I share with others?

Yes, normally you will share a staff house but you will have your own bedroom. Some companies will have rooms with your own bath room and others might be shared bathrooms.

Can my partner live within the staff accommodation?

No, unless they also work at the same hotel.  The accommodation is offered to employees only

Can friends or a girlfriend/boyfriend stay over?

Normally no they can not, it is often only for employees only, as it is a shared house, it be unfair on others in the house. Some Hotels might offer a friends and family discount for them to stay in the hotel at a reduced rate

Will the room be furnished?

yes normally it will be furnished with basic things. For example a bed, wardrobe.

What happens about cooking?

This will depend on the type of accommodation offered. Some might be within the hotel itself and therefore might need to eat in the staff canteen. Other types of live in might be a staff house with  a shared basic kitchen, that you will share with others and buy your own food items.

Do I need to pay for live in?

Yes, as this is your main address there will be a charge otherwise it is classed as a benefit in kind, it be a taxable benefit. Many live in currently (2023) is between £40 and £90 a week. This is not classed as a deduction, as you have the choice to live in or live out,  this is classed as the rent for the accommodation.

Why do temps not pay for live in?

It is not there main address, they will rent a full time address and this is only for a few weeks. If a temp does pay, this falls within the values as stated in the minimum wage laws on the deductions. With temps it is different, as it not then there main place to live.

Are bills included?

yes bills are included in 95% of the companies we work with

Do I have to live in?

NO you do not have to live in unless it is part of your job role (ie a landlord). Accommodation is optional, you can live out and rent locally.

Can I have a pet with me?

Normally the answer is no regarding pets. It is a shared house or a shared staff corridor, so it is not fair on others to have pets

Can my kid live with me?

NO, the staff accommodation is normally for employees only. It is for you to use whilst employed. The live in is not suitable for kids, as it is a one bedroom with either 1 single bed or 1 one double bed. there will not be two beds in the room. It is also often a shared bathroom or if not shared bathroom, it be a ensuite shower and toilet. This is not suitable for kids.

Can i live in the live in after i end employment?

NO, the staff live in is for the time scale of when employed at the hotel.

Do i need insurance?

The hotel buildings insurance will cover the building but you will need contents insurance for your personal items.

Do hotels have to provide live in?

No not at all, it is subject to being available. It is normally used to help to recruit in locations you can not find locals.

Do city centre hotels offer live in?

Normally no, they do not have a issue to recruit staff in the same way as a remote location hotel, therefore often do not offer live in.

Do i need my own towels and bedding?

YES, normally you need to provide this yourself. It is your main place of work.

Live in accommodation can be a great option for many however it is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable if you have a family or kids, it is not suitable with pets. The accommodation is normally a small single room, so if you like large space, it not suitable. If a kitchen is provided, it is normally a shared one. This is therefore not suitable if you love to cook for others. Live in is normally for more country location hotels, so if you want a city centre, live in is normally not available


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