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Recruitment process

Recruitment across five different sectors
Our team all have areas of focus within our divisions, this is based on the skills and knowledge of each team member. Our consultants spend alot of time in the sectors.
01 Knowledge
Before our team can start recruiting for any roles, they need to have a strong knowledge of the sector they are allocated to. This is based on a passion for that sector and knowledge.
02 Research
You can not start matching on a role until you have done research. All our our team will research company and skill sets required. This research is essential to help the next stage.
03 Match
Our team match using many methods including our database of 30,000 candidates, Linkedin recruiter, social platforms, online database, online job boards and digital marketing methods.
04 Resource
Our team start with a long list and then a short list. We create the long list from all our matching methods and then reduce this to a short list of candidates. We use a wide range of smart searching technology to create this and with our internal CRM system.
05 Registration
All our candidates will have had a interview part of the registration stage. Each candidate get asked a range of set questions and indepth questions aimed for the role they are interested in. This is essential to ensure they match the requirements from the client.
06 Submit
Once we have done stage 1-5, we are then ready to submit a CV. We do a covering page for the CV to explain the key skills & key information. Pages 2 onwards on the CV we keep in the format that candidate wrote the CV, so you get an idea of the candidates language and style.
Market services
Our Recruitment teams get to kow the markets they are allocated to. They spend time in the markets and understand it very well.
Our teams can offer advise on structures, salary, interview styles, benefits. We will partner with you to help secure candidates.