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understanding hybrid working

So many companies did Hybrid during covid or remote working but since covid some companies have kept hybrid. There is a difference between Hybrid, Remote and remote only. 

Hybrid – means 1-2 days working from home

Remote – means 4 days working from home

Remote only – means only working from home

It is important to remember that hybrid working and flexible working is very different. Flexible working means the start and finish times, breaks, hours, child care provision etc etc.  Hybrid working is about saving the travel time/cost and working from home instead. 

General hybrid working rules:

  • Your start time is the same as it would be in the office
  • your finish time is the same as in the office
  • you take lunch break at the same time
  • you switch your personal phone on mute  and turn smart watches on DND 
  • You clock on using the HR dashboard your company has, which often are IP or postcode logged
  • you submit a planner or give a update of your day
  • you still have child and pet care in place unless you have a separate flexible agreement inplace. 
  • you have a suitable working environment, you have a desk to work from that has no distractions. If you do confidential work or customer services, consider the background noise. If for example you are a financial advisor or recruitment consultant, you can not work from home in  a shared house, as your house mate would hear confidential information.
  • Don’t forget that work is work and home is home. We have all heard stories of people doing a dog walk whilst on a teams call or changing a nappy whilst doing a customers mortgage application call. it really important to keep the two separate. As hybrid is about the place of work and to save travel.

Is Hybrid a contracted right?  Normally no, it is normally a case by case and could change at short notice.  It is different to flexible working which could have a set pattern inplace. With hybrid, you could be required in the office at short notice. 


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