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Having the right team in place is so important for all companies. Within Hospitality, if you are short staffed, this can have a massive inpact on the product you are serving. We offer both a full time recruitment service and a relief chef service.

We have chefs, managers and supervisors currently looking across the UK. We have a range of tools including a database of over 19000 candidates. Over the past 9 years, our team have been recruiting for Hotels, Restaurants, Gastro Pubs, Private Members Club, Casinos and Contract Catering.
Our team work out of modern offices with a range of tools and able to offer a national service.
Our team of Consultants include former Chefs and Managers, our Consultants are in one of two teams, this means we can bring a better service being focused on set areas. When you need to find a chef or manager, our team are here for you
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Why use HtE Recruitment to support you:
  • National Chef Recruiter
  • Database of over 19000 candidates
  • Great knowledge of the industry
  • Covering the whole Hospitality, Catering and Event markets
  • Management Recruitment
  • Chef Recruitment
  • Relief chef service, whilst you recruit a full time chef
  • Two teams, who focus on half the country each (northern UK and Southern UK)
  • Working from Modern offices
  • Facebook network of over 2700 people
  • Knowledge of new openings
  • Complete Recruitment solutions or just one off - a bespoke service
  • Every year we place 100s of chefs and managers into a wide range of establishments

If your currently recruiting for a Chef or Manager please email or contact one of our Recruitment teams:

Northern UK recruitment team 0161 300 7862
Southern UK recruitment team 0203 542 6103

As well as supporting you with full time positions, our team can also supply you with a
Relief chefto help cover the gap in your rota. Many establishments use Temp chefs to ensure they can have a full team in the kitchen. We are a one stop shop, offering both Permanent and Temporary Recruitment for the Hospitality and Catering industry.