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Is this the end to office after covid?

Is this the end of the office or the start of the reinvented office?

After two years of many companies doing hybrid or remote working, the question many ask is will this be the end to the office?  The recruiter team here do not think that is the case, we think it will be reinvented and people will be back using the sandwich shops and making corridor small talk,  just in a different way that many have speculated. So we’ve done an insight in to why the office based working may not stay in the past.

Why is office culture important?

For the longest time, offices have been a main mode of work, it allowed people to congregate in a central hub, equipped to perform the duties of the business. As businesses have used offices as hubs for decades, it’s worth understanding the importance of office culture. Essentially serving as a location ideal for converging, idea building and where project’s become achievable, many people see office culture as a catalyst for these practices, working together to build something great, all in the same space. Because the office can serve as so many things, office culture arises in ways to help the process. Office culture is the way people teach other, how people work in a group or alone within the office and smaller, but still significant things like what language is used and how things are enforced.

It also creates a work community, like how everyone talks to each other with regards to working style and advice. This creates a work community that is open and functioning properly. Sharing ideas can be easier in person and fine details are expressed clearer in person too which adds benefit to having an in-office culture.


What could office space be like in the future?

Many professionals are needing more from their office space lately.  Due to things like skill building and an ever changing market, many professionals need their office space to be capable of adapting to change.

We’ve seen from Google and Amazon that office space is always in demand, as both of these companies have purchased land to build offices in. Showing us that office space is much valued. It’s not just larger companies looking for adaptable work places, many businesses will outgrow an original office space in their first 10 years.  The office space of the future would ideally be open, spacious without being empty and adaptable. We’re seeing it happen with new developments, some of the biggest in demand services from offices are things like communal spaces, meeting spaces, properly tended space and cleaning. It’s been expressed that many offices are starting to change, going from rigid work based environments to a more convivial feeling space, designed to support work, rather then just a work place.


Why is office space important across the country?

Business has always been a massive economic motivator, bringing revenue possibilities and offering people a place to work. This has always been a huge motivation for countries to be attractive for businesses to set up shop there, with many being responsible for economic revitalisation to the areas they set up, it’s clear to see why countries try to make themselves ideal places to build up or rent offices. It’s not just good for the country, as employees can also benefit from well situated workplaces it’s another reason why office space is as important as it is.

Benefits of offices on the side of employees can be things like budget for snacks and local food locations have always been strong motivators to employees. By having access to local transport and parking nearby, office space can be more then attractive just by being placed close to local amenities whilst being accessible through travel.

For many, it’s important that offices stay within reach and scope of business goals. There’s lot’s of ways that we can make our offices a productive, skill employing space without having to do anything excessive, that’s what makes office space so important, it’s a chance to bring something new to a region and it’s surroundings while providing work for talented individuals and new potential clients to partner with.



As a recruiter, we speak to companies and candidates all the time, so we get a very good picture of what is happening. We do see a few different camps forming of different types of people/companies. Some will be in the office camp, hybrid camp and some are remote camp. We do fine the last of the 3 is the lowest request, most are looking for office based or hybrid bases.


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