News & Insights: How plants in the office can reduce stress

Here are some tips we have learnt about a office set up

Reduce stress levels

Here are a few things to consider for your office which could increase productivity by reducing stress within the office & mental health issues within a team. Its so important to consider these areas, they are just as important with creating a safe environment to work in. Plants, Pictures, social media free days & themed days can all help. Pictures can increase productivity by 18% and plants can reduce stress by upto 30%. The smell, The feel, The look of the office is very important to create a environment that reduces mental health issues.

Plants – reduce Anxiety & stress (the office feel)

They reduce stress and anxiety. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, active interaction with indoor plants (like touching and smelling) can reduce physiological and psychological stress. Having real plants (not plastic ones) can reduce mental health issues by upto 30% as well as bringing colour to the office. Plants can cost as little as £5 and are easy to look after.

Pictures – can increase productivity by 18% (the office look)

According to a sky news report in October 2018, having pictures in the office can increase productivity by 18%. Motivational words & company posters are useful however having pictures in the office can increase productivity and send positive signals to the mind.

Having one of the pictures being of water could also help positive mental health in the office. It is widely reported that being near water can help people with depression. Having pictures in the office of water can help.

Have a range of pictures, having a picture of water or a beach can send people to a ‘happy place’ when looking at it. As a employer, think about the pictures you have up. Funny Animal pictures are also great pictures to have up in the office. Company posters are needed but it is so important to have pictures up as well.

Modern office design – Scandinavian design (the office look)

Using modern items which have a Scandinavian feel can make a office look and feel clean & modern. This can all help to have a positive & productive team. JYSK & Ikea are great places to get a Scandinavian feel to your workplace, #JYSK for example have some great items that can create a great office space.

Scandinavian design is great, it looks good and often uses really good colours like white, green, yellow. In the office try and avoid black and dark reds.

Social media

It is reported that too much time on social media can be bad for mental health. If your team uses social media for work, it is really important that they can have whole work days away from it. Splitting the social media accounts between the team can be very helpful. Having social media policy is just as important as having a H&S policy, as social media can have a major impact on the health of the team.

Great Coffee – The Friday office smell

when you sell a house, they say to have real coffee smell coming from the kitchen. In the work place having a smell of real coffee for the team as they walk in on a Friday can send positive signals to the mind. We have this on a Friday, you can smell its Friday as you walk in with Waitrose strong coffee beans freshly grounded to make great filter coffee in the office. So often people forget about the smell, its one of the 5 senses and such an important one. We all know that 50% of the meal experience is by the smell & look – this is just the same with the office. Having it look smart, clean and a great smell is important. The coffee smell on a Friday does not cost much but has such a positive impact on the mind. #coffeefriday

Themed Days

Over the past 12 months, we have done Christmas Jumper day (Dec), Royal Wedding Afternoon teas (May), Pizza Friday (Jan&Oct), Cheese & Pate afternoon (Dec&April), Afternoon tea’s (March, Aug, Sept), Easter biscuits (April), Fish&chips friday(Feb), treat basket (nov). Having themed decorations can create a fun environment, which can reduce stress levels in the office. When the team walk in and see the office decorated, it can make a big impact. Most companies do this at Christmas, other times of the year can make a huge impact. These simple things can improve productivity.

The little things can make a big impact

These are just a few ideas that HtE Recruitment do, we believe that a healthy team become a productive team. This inturn benefits our clients, as they are supporting some of the UK’s best Hotels and Restaurants find chefs and Managers. Every company small or large should look at simple things that can help change the office like pictures, coffee smells and plants.

The look – The Feel – The smell: These are all very small things however can make a massive impact in your teams wellbeing. Simple things like plants can reduce stress levels.

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