News & Insights: Energy price increase

Ideas of how to reduce your house energy costs

Following today’s news about energy prices – here is a guide of some basic steps

We are a Recruitment Agency, however we are not all about jobs jobs jobs. Over the past 15 years we have done so many things to help our network and offer support or tips. Some Agencies are only interested in placing you to a job, we are different. We care about the people we work with and invest time to support where we can.

Some basic tips that will help reduce consumption

TV: Is this on standby? Some TV’s can use upto 70% of the energy cost just by being on standby. Why not unplug the TV if not needed

Multi room TV: Is everyone in your house watching the same channel in different rooms?  Why not all be together

Kettle: Do you boil a full kettle for just 1 cup. We have in our office a one mug hot water kettle dispenser (cost around £35 in Argos). These are great, as it only boils 1 mug of water

Overnight charge for a phone: Many people charge phones over night, this is good to ensure no flat phone however phones often charge in a few hours and not 8 hours sleep. Why not charge the phone in the evening instead

Charging wearable’s: When looking at wearables to track your health, there are some with a long battery. These often do not have a phone function, more just health tracking. This will only save a few pence a day, but it soon adds up

Batch cooking: Are you putting the oven on for 1 item. Why not batch cook and reheat it the next day. Cooked food if you store it in the fridge, often can last 3 days after cooking (chill it as soon as possible)

11w V 15w: This will only save around £2-£4 a year per light bulb based on 4.5hr daily usage. This can soon add up. 

How many lights?: Keeping only lights on when it is dark or in the room you are using, will help save money

Heating the whole house:  Do you have a room you never use? Why are you heating it?

Are you away and your hot water still on? If you are going away, why keep the hot water on?


Some advanced ideas (not for everyone)

showers: why not have a shower at work or in the gym?

Watching I player on a laptop (charged up off battery) instead of a tv plugged in

Microwaves are often lower price to run then a electric oven

Upgrades: When items are ready to upgrade, it is worth looking at how much energy it will use. for example a mobile, do you need a phone that is all singing and dancing or a smart phone that has a longer battery? Most people use less then 50% of a phone function.  


All of the above will only save a small amount per item however if you times that up by everything, it can add up.


HtE Recruitment News & Insights

This news and insights page has been written by Rick our Director who has a Hospitality Degree and been in the sector for 20 years. Rick has been doing many of the above over the years, not from a cost point however he believes in keeping the carbon footprint low and has always done things to keep energy down.  HtE Recruitment take no responsibility for this post.

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