News & Insights: A day in a life of a Recruitment Consultant.

What do Recruitment Agencies do?

A day in a life of a Recruitment Consultant.

We have been trading for 15 years as a business and do hear at interview stage what some candidates perception of what a Recruitment consultant does. The role can be a lot more varied then you might think. It might look like we just get a CV and just send it, but there is so much more that goes on behind the doors of a recruitment agency.  


Lets open the doors and take a look at a average day in the life of a Recruitment Consultant.


Starting the day early and our focus is on clearing bit tasks that can be cleared quickly. We generally clear emails that have been sent out of hours, responding to any queries or keeping up with clients, then there is reviewing CV’s, we take the time and care to polish and format the CV’s of interested candidates to give them the best chances of matching on a dream job. Uploading CV’s to a database, where we keep all our CV’s safe and secure so we can keep them close by in case a really great offer comes up that a candidate would be perfect for.



After using the morning to catch up with tasks and clients, we move on to a morning briefing. The team will gather and we learn what our current duties are, it can change day to day, so there’s always something interesting to hear. We also use this time to confer on progress we’re making with talent acquisition and business strategy to help improve both our client and candidate sides of the business. After our morning briefing we move on to the more demanding part of the day. 



By 9am we would be getting down at our desks and getting on with the days duties. This can range from catching up with talented candidates about a job interview, to getting their CV in our database, it’s important to us to maintain communication with candidates as part of our commitment to providing good service. We may take some time with these communications, as we’re registering them in our system, we ask a few questions, which are legal requirements, but also they help us find work that allows the candidate to truly shine. Once that’s done, we send these CV’s over to clients we’ve partnered with, after that we may have another interview or registration booked in to move on to.



By this time, we’d be moving on to communicating and maintaining key accounts with our key clients, these are people we’re currently recruiting for. Usually they’re quite nice calls, where we find out new information about anything effecting the position, like someone else leaving meaning a new job opening to potentially acquire. In between updating our clients on the progress, we may have to take a phone call with one of our candidates about their CV, sometimes candidates will forget that we’re waiting on them to e-mail over their CV, as we can’t start pairing them on jobs until we’ve got that crucial CV.



Around mid-day and after a morning of getting clients updated and communicating with candidates. We move on to processing everything we’ve done this morning in to our database. Taking down notes throughout the call, and writing out the CV into our format, we then upload this information to our database so all of us can see it, this is important because we need to be up to date with each other in order to help. We also do extensive research about job roles as we need to be aware exactly of all the duties and demands of that job. It’s so important that we do this, as we need to keep our minds up to speed with our respective industries.



Lunch time, where we break apart and get some much needed energy. Lunch time is always tricky in recruitment, we may have a call that’s needing extra time to get down information, or a client only had mid day available to call. Lunch and to an extent the whole work day, is almost never the same day-to-day in Recruitment.


12:30am to 13:00pm.

At this time, lunchtime is over and pending calls to candidates are made, it’s ideal for us to schedule some calls at this slot, as both clients and candidates tend to have this time slot free. Providing us an important window to keep clients up to date with our talent acquisition progress.


13:00pm to 14:30pm.

Now we would be searching our online databases and our CRM system for candidates,allowing us to see who is currently looking for talent and who is looking for work. This is vital to our process as we hold a lot of candidates information, it would take hours to look through all the CV’s we have, so our database does it for us, it’s a brilliant piece of software that makes searching for information quicker and easier then traditional means.


14:30pm to 15:30pm.

By this point, we’ve paired a few candidates with potential roles, we’ve spoken with clients and candidates we had booked in to meetings, registered new candidates and researched roles. So we move into speaking with clients and candidates who are further along the recruitment process. We may have to send offer emails, congratulating and informing the talented candidate of the good news, which is always fun. We arrange interviews for those who may be less further in the job search process. Then we’ll send out interviews to candidates, such as booking them into interviews or trial shifts, doing a lot of this through our CRM software as it streamlines a lot of our communication.



At four thirty, it’s nearing the end of our day, where we go over our days work, checking off tasks we needed to complete while checking for anything we may have missed. The day’s duties have been filled and it’s mostly handling late scheduled calls from interested clients and talent looking for work.

We would take the time where we can to chase up any missed calls from the day too. We would also schedule our next day too, putting in any phone interviews we may have, or rescheduling for a client who wasn’t available. Then, once we’re fully done with the day and there’s nothing more we can do today, we get ready to do it all again tomorrow, whatever it may bring.


A Recruitment consultant role is very proactive and can change all the time. A day in the life of a consultant is varied and includes loads of communication in various ways, with many different people, as such, we offer many methods of contact, built to suit the specific candidate.

HtE Recruitment is a multi sector recruiter. If you are looking to work in Recruitment, why not let us know and have a chat.

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This news and insights page has been written by Josh our Marketing Coordinator. Everyday can change, this is just a basic flow of a day.

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