Recruiting for Custom's positions ready for Brexit. Recruit Custom's clerks, Custom's Coordinators and Custom's Managers-Welcome to HtE Recruitment

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Custom's positions

Will you be ready?
With changes coming in on the 1st January 2021, will your business be ready. We are working with a number of Logistics companies, recruiting for new Custom's positions being created.
Many of our clients are starting to create new positions for Custom's clerks, Custom's Coordinators and Custom's Managers. Many goods coming in and out of the UK will need new paper work. Our Logistic's recruitment team from 1st October 2020 until December 2020 has created a dedicated Custom's Recruitment desk. This is to support our clients with these new positions. This new desk for Custom's role is in addition to our current Logistics Recruitment desks.

Are you looking to recruit a new Custom's role? Call 0161 300 7862 today. We are currently Recruiting Custom's positions across the UK for a wide range of clients.
Current positions
Current Custom's roles include:
Customs Clerk
A import company, with a automatic Custom's technology
4 day week
Custom's knowledge
Data entry
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Custom's Manager
Logistics, transport & Imports company, mainly food items.
Manage a team of 6
EU & Far east
Growing company
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Custom's clereance
A food and medical import & export company
Imports department
Deep ocean imports
part of a team
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Export Changes
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EU Checks Phased in
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