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About HtE Recruitment - 11 years trading


National Recruitment Agency - Hospitality, Catering, Tourism, FMCG & Supply Chain.

Established in February 2007, HtE Recruitment has grown from being a Manchester Recruitment agency for Chefs to a National Agency covering the UK and working across the Hospitality, Catering, FMCG, Supply chain and Tourism industry. Currently based at Manchester Airport Business Park.
Following requests from clients, in
2015 ,HtE Recruitment launched a Relief Chef division (HtE temp Chefs), to supply Chefs to Hotels, sport Venues, Bars and Restaurants across the UK. Our clients include local companies, regional  companies, multi site venues, international companies and many more. 
About HtE Recruitment

Our Markets.

laptop1HtE Recruitment work in a number of sectors including Hospitality, Catering, Tourism, Food, FMCG & Supply chain. Within these sectors we cover all positions including Finance managers, HR Managers, Sales Managers, Regional Managers and Area Managers.

Part of your team.

We think it is very important to feel part of your team and not just as a supplier. We aim to get to know your product well and when talking to candidates, we want to feel asa extra part of your team and on the same page as our clients.

We know the market

You need to be sure you’re getting the best advice on market activity, to allow you to make the right decision on your next career move and when recruiting, a great knowledge of the industry. We know the markets we work in very well, for example our Temp chef side is headed up by a former chef.

We offer salary insight and support

If you’re not sure your salary brackets you pay are right, we can provide market insight on salary averages and benefits packages. We can also offer other support for new openings including structure advise.

We’re well connected

If you’re looking to build a new team within your company, we can help form a strategy and introduce you to the right people. As well as one off recruitment positions, we have experience working on larger scale recruitment projects where discretion and pin-precision talent spotting is key. Our database of over 20,000 candidates and over 2500 on facebook help us to connect with people.

We’re trustworthy

It’s easy for us to say so, but we really are recruiters you can trust and the many clients and candidates we have worked for will vouch for the fact. Our honest approach, ability to listen and quality of delivery are testament to our success.

We’re growing

Our professional team of consultant is expanding to grow into more areas and we cover all parts of the sectors we work in.


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Our Senior Team at HtE
CEO and Director - HtE Recruitment Ltd.

Rick set up the company in 2007 after working in recruitment for 3 years and before this worked for Devere and Thistle Hotels as a F&B Manager. Rick has been within the Hospitality industry since he was 15 and did a degree in Hospitality at Sheffield Hallam University.

In 2007, Rick set up HtE Recruitment based on 3 core values of being Honest with our clients/candidates, working to ethical business practices and building trust with Clients.
Hospitality & Catering Perm Division Team Leader

Ryan has worked for the company since 2013 and has completed a Diploma in Recruitment.

Ryan heads up the Perm Hospitality & Catering division at HtE Recruitment. Over the past 5 years, he has grown up the career ladder.

Ryan love Rosette food and trying new food.
Temp Division Senior Consultant

Dan has been with the company since 2015 and heads up the Temp division.

Dan is a Chef by trade, spending 10 years in the kitchen before coming into Recruitment 4 years ago.

Dan is a massive Football fan & the Gym. Dan has a fantastic Chef knowledge, whch helps as he heads up the Relief worker division.
New role

In 2019 to grow the FMCG & Supply chain market, we will be creating a team leader role.
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