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About us - HtE Recruitment

"National Agency."
HtE Recruitment is a boutique Recruitment Agency based at Airport City Business Park at Manchester Airport Business Park. From our main office, our team recruits across the UK for a wide range of clients across our six main division areas. Our 6 sectors are - logistics, Hospitality, IT, Digital, Sales and FMCG
Established in 2007 in Sale, South Manchester. The company started as a Chef Agency for the Manchester area. In 2009 we expanded to cover the whole of the North of England. In 2011 we reclocated to the Airport Business park and In 2012 we expanded to the South of England and 2013 was the launch into London.  HtE Recruitment has kept growing and now work in a number of sectors including Hospitality, Catering, IT, Digital , Sales, FMCG & Supply chain. We launched in 2017 the HtE Academy, which is our internal training course.

Within our Logistics division, HtE Recruitment is a main supplier to alot of Transport & Logistics companies across the North of England. We work on a exclusive basis with a number of Logistic companies as well. The Logistics division in a key division for our agency and has grown rapid over the past 6 months.

Within Sales, our team focus on ingredient companies, drink brands, Logistic companies and FMCG firms. We have recently placed National Sales Managers within some Niche roles.

Within our Hospitality & Catering, over the past 13 years we have become the 1st point of contact for a wide range of 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, Michelin Restaurants and Rosette Restaurants.

Within IT & Digital, our team work with inhouse IT departments, IT companies, Software companies and Digital Agencies.
HtE Recruitment partner with Clients to source candidates, we see our role being a partner instead of just a supplier. This means we want to get to know you, your business and the type of person you are looking for.
Our team work across six sectors: Logistics, Hospitality &  Catering, IT, Sales, FMCG and Digital

Employer information
When you are looking for a recruiter to support you in your job hunting, it is important to find a recruiter who you can work with and understands your market. Over the past 13 years we have placed 100s of candidates into a wide range of jobs. Our team will go above and beyond to help the candidate journey to be as smooth as possible.

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When we recruit for our internal team we are looking for candidates who:
  • Understand the markets they recruit in very well
  • They can deliver amazing client & candidate journeys
  • Hard working & can deliver results for our clients
Recruitment roles
H - Honest
Being honest with our Clients and Candidates has always been at the centre of everything we do. It is so important we feel to be Honest, the perfect job or person is never available to anyone, it is about getting a 90-95% match and then be honest if there are very small gaps in what a client or person is looking for
T - Trust
Building trust with our clients has been the backbone of everything we have done for 13 years. Many clients from 2007 are still using us today.
This has always been the centre of everything we have done, this is why T (trust) is right at the centre of our company name. You can not build a company without Trust.
E - Experience
The knowledge of the markets our teams recruit in is very important. If you want a agency you can trust, the indepth knowledge is very important as we partner with you to resource, fill and match on positions.
Some agencies get trainees to give advise to clients or candidates, we believe that our consultant team need strong knowledge of the market place they recruit within and they all have to complete the HtE Academy.
Customer Quotes
“I have used HTE Recruitment within 4 companies i have worked for. They have always delivered on the promises they make and fill the roles. ”
Jane - HR Manager
“We have used Jordan from the IT Recruitment division to source IT candidates. Within 24 hours we have 3 UX Designer CV's”
Chris - HR Manager
“I used Ryan to source a Sales Manager for our Hotel cluster. Within a week he had sourced us 3 candidates and we made a offer for 1 of the candidates.”
Oliver - Owner
“Thankyou Dan, within a week you filled both our vacancies at our Golf course. Our members will be happy, they can eat again! ”
Darren - House Manager - Golf