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video and telephone interview tips

Here are some tips if you have a video or phone interview
During the Coronavirus outbreak, we have been told not to travel in the UK. Many companies are still recruiting for now and for the relaunch of companies after lockdown. One massive solution is for telephone or video interviews.
How to treat these interviews
We have found some people over the years do not treat these as a interview and therefore do not plan for this. We have even had booked in timeslots where a candidate is halfway up a mountain walking! This page is to help you think about and plan your video interview
So important....
Yes this is a phone or video interview, however still plan for the interview.
Research into the person who is interviewing you. Research into the company.
Have look on google maps about the location of the offices and the travel, if you take the job you will need to know where the office is. Have a look on street view, so you can picture what the place of work will look like.
Get ready
Check your computer
It is so important that the computer works. Check you do  not have a 60min update on the laptop!
Also check the sound and webcam. Make sure you know how to change the volume if needed.
Plan the room
Think of the space
Have a think about the background and the noise in the room. If you have a nude picture in the background, that is not suitable for a interview!

Have a think about the background, even move a nice picture or plant to the background. Make sure the room (the part of the room in the webcam) is clean and tidy.
Get dressed
Don't give wrong idea
Yes you are at home but this is still a interview. Get dressed and make sure you look right. You might not need to be in a full suit but trousers and a shirt is important.

Remember the basics, even though you are at home.

Wear shoes - make sure these are clean.

Wear a belt on trousers, this finishes the trouers off well.

Do your hear or have a shave

If you wear watches, still wear it, as it finishes off your shirt. Don't wear smart watches with a shirt or if you do, ensure they are turned off.

Iron your shirt, yes you are at home, still iron.
Have a drink
water not a pint!
Have a glass of water or a cup of tea with you. If you get a dry voice, it is handy having this to hand.

If you make a cup of tea, use a plain cup, not a funny cup!.

Make sure your cup is clean

Plan answers
know your cv inside out
Make sure you know your cv and think about questions you might get asked.

It is very important you plan this in the same way to a normal interview