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reopening a restaurant or hotel after coronavirus

How to reopen your Restaurant or Hotel after it has been closed due to the Coronavirus lockdown

Opening a business is all ways a hard thing to do, getting everything in place for a big launch can be hard, it takes planning. When you have 1000s of hotels and restaurants all reopening at once, this planning is more important then ever. You will have loads of plates to spin at once, to ensure you have a good relaunch and able to reopen well.
This page has been designed to help you think about some key areas ready to reopen. Every company is different, this is not a full list however it is designed to give you some ideas to think about.

If you have to reopen with less tables for social distance rules, start thinking now about how to set up the restaurant in a way you can use the space better but keeping the 2 meter between tables. Can you use the space better. Can you have more larger tables and less tables for 2. Tables for 2 are often less profiable and you will loose more space as well.
Have a plan in place
What is your core market?
Often many companies have a number of different parts to the business. This is great in normal times however when you relaunch, it is so important to focus on your core business or the more profitable part of the business. You might do a steak night normally for example but the GP might be only 55% on some steaks, a sunday roast for example can have less food wastage and a better GP. Ask yourself what is your core markets?
A period to focus
Don't try and do everything, just focus on the most important things. This is a year to focus on what makes your business stand out. Being focused will help you get set for the relaunch. Once you have worked out your key markets, you can now go onto the the below steps, there is no point until you have this inplace. 
This can start early on
In a digital world we live in, having a clear marketing plan is so important. Once you know your core market, make sure you sing and dance about it.

This could be your produce, your location, the building.

Having a clear marketing plan in place is important. Giving people a reason to come back when you reopen, sell them the reason.
  • Email marketing
  • use local media if possible
  • use email lists
  • use local groups
  • use regional groups
  • use social media, get your food pictures out.
Getting ready
Get a check list ready
Wow what a job it will be to reopen but here is a basic list of jobs to do:
  • check which staff are coming back
  • plan a rota
  • have a food prep day
  • plan the menus, a smaller menu might be a good idea to help get the prep started
  • get tables reset
  • order the bin collection
  • do a deep clean, the kitchen has not been cleaned for a month or two, getting a clean done is important
  • order change from the bank
  • order toilet paper, napkins, chemicals
  • if your a hotel, get each bedroom checked and keep ontop of dust. the room might be ready but you will have 1-2 months of dust on top of things.
  • check the light bulbs, there is nothing worse then eating in a restaurant with light bulbs out
  • order drinks from the supplier
  • it would be a good idea to clean the pipes and check the gas works
  • do a fire alarm check, you might have not been in for 2 months and the weekly check might not have happened. make sure you do your weekly check.
  • have a check for pests, when a site is closed for a couple of months, it might attract pests. doing a quick check is important
The relaunch
treat it as a reopening not a normal day
If you have loads of new staff, do a training day, this will be very important

If you have a new menu, make sure your staff know the new menu.

The habbit will be to fill that restaurant or hotel on day one. By doing a soft launch on the 1st day, limit the tables will help you get back into it.

Make sure people know you are reopening. What is the point if no one knows

Make sure you have a full team for the relaunch, if you reopen with key members missing, you might loose long term bookings.
Recruiting for your team
The natural thing might be to reopen on a budget and limit how many staff you have. This could result in a bad level of service.
Reopening with a full team will be very important.
During the credit crunch we had a range of packages available to our clients, to make the recruitment process as cost effective as possible for clients. We have a range of packages available to help our clients manage with cash flow and get the business reopen as fast as they can.

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Our Capabilities
Our team recruit chefs at all levels for all types of companies.
We place managers at all levels within Hotels, Bars and Restaurants. Having a strong leadership team will help you thrive when you reopen
Every company needs strong support roles including HR managers, Sales managers and Accountants.