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Private chefs

Hire a Full time Private chef
Do you have a private house in central London or a country house estate and require Full time Private Chef?

Our recruitment team over the past 13 years have recruited for a number of high profile clients in the UK and Middle East. We are confidential and will not disclose your personal details. You can put your trust in our team to find you your Private chef.
We listen and will work with you
Our team will work within your skill spec that you give us. We will get a understanding of your diet or  food styles and will find a chef that can cook these types of dishes. This could include French dishes, Asian, butter free, British, Gluten free, Italian.
Contact our team today
Our team has a large database of Chefs across the UK, from a wide range of backgrounds.  If you are looking to employ a full time private chef, please contact our team.
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