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HtE Recruitment is a National Hospitality, Catering and Chef Recruitment agency. Recruiting for all levels within the industry and a wide range of Establishments. Our two teams contact details are below, one team is focused on the North of the UK and the other team is focused on the South of the UK. If you are looking for full time staff or Chefs on a Relief basis, our team of Consultants are here for you.

HtE Events supply Chefs and staff to a number of different sports grounds across the UK. Our chefs work on prep days to get everything ready and then on match days. Our clients also include a major UK race course, we supply chefs for all the main race meetings during the Year. Other Events include Corporate BBQ's, Weddings,  Festivals and other Events. HtE Events is part of HtE Recruitment, is focused on the large volume bookings.
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Northern UK contact details (and main office address):
Northern UK: 0161 300 7862

HtE Recruitment, 3000 Aviator Way, Manchester Airport Business Park, Manchester, M22 5TG.     
Directions to the manchester main office [go]

(Our main office is home to our Northern Hospitality & Catering team, HtE Events team, Food industry consultants   as well as the internal Accounts department, business development and wages, for any general calls please contact the main office number of 0161 300 7862 or at the above address).

Southern UK contact details-
Southern UK: 0203 542 6103

HTE Recruitment, 3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street, London, W1B 3HH    
{Postal address only, please book an appointment  to meet a team member in London 1st -location details}

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