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HtE Recruitment under the 1973 Recruitment act is acting as a Employment agency in relation to finding candidates for full time positions within the UK. This page is our terms of service to candidates who engage with us in finding fulltime work.
Basic rules for all candidates we work with:
  • Be honest with us & we will be honest with you. We are different as an agency, we are all about honesty here at HtE Recruitment.
  • Show up for interviews & if you can not, just let us know in advance. We can help you more, if we know what is happening
  • If you change your mind, it is fine, just let us know. (All we ask is you tell us the truth and not make up stories of sick family members)


Agency - is the recruitment agency
Job seeker - is yourself, the candidate looking for work
Client - is the end employer
no show - this is a candidate who fails to attend a interview without telling the agency in advance
CV - the document the job seeker produces that include job history and dates

If the job seeker wishes to apply for a position HtE Recruitment is recruiting for, on behalf of a client, the job seeker is required to submit a cv to the Agency. The job seeker is required to have a telephone registration or face to face registration with a recruitment consultant, before a cv can be submitted to the end client. This is to identify if you meet the requirements for the role and the qualifications required.

Be Honest:
We require all CV's and information to be correct from the job seeker.  Job offers can be withdrawn by clients if the information at a later stage turns out to not be correct. The agency holds no responsibilty if the job seeker does not provide correct information. The information includes correct dates of employment (inc months), grades of qualifications and correct job titles.

Under GDPR the agency does require to inform you & request permission to store your contact details and track the process of application. The agency does require to store information of a application process (cv sending, interview stage and offers). For this to be inline with our client terms, it is within the business interest to have this for a minimum of 2 years, once at CV sending stage. We store all details on a secured database.
The job seeker is required to give permission for the agency to submit cv's to the client and upon a offer,contact details for the offer letter.

Calls to and from HTE Recruitment
HtE Recruitment record all calls for training and security reasons.

No shows:
If you do not show up to a interview, the agency can not work with you in the future and will keep records on file of this. Clients plan the week around interviews and it makes the agency look bad,  the agency is very strict on not working with candidates who have not shown up.  If you can not make a interview, please let us knowin advance. If for any reasons you can not tell us in advance, you must send proof of why you could not attend within 7 days of the interview, after 7 days you will no longer be able to use our services.

Proof of reasons to cancel
The agency might request proof of the reason to rearrange a interview. This is becuase we are honest with our clients and will only tell them real reasons.

The job seeker is responsible for providing an updated CV to the agency. If you do not have a updated CV, we can offer a CV writing service, Linkedin profile coaching and CV coaching services. Please ask about this, under regulation 5, you can withdraw from this extra service at any point and you can use our service without this.

In the work place, the agency takes no responsibility and the client is responsible for H&S onsite. If you are a chef candidate, you must follow the allergens information fromthe client and work in a safe way in a practical interview. The agency takes no responsibility for the job seekers actions and the job seeker is responsibile for there own actions. You must ask the client of allergens information and follow instructions from the client

The information the agency shares about a client is confidential and the job seeker must not share this with anyone.

The job seeker is responsibile for research into the position and client. The job seeker must show up in clean clothes,  have any mobile phone devices (handheld or wearable) turned off or on mute and must not answer these during a interview.

Returning of calls
The job seeker must call the agency on the morning of a interview and confirm they areturning up. The job seeker also must comebackwithin 72 hours of a phone message or email about a client wanting to see them.

Costs of travel
The agency is not responsible for the travel costs to a interview. The job seeker is responsible for the travel costs

Employment contract
If the client offers aemployment contract, this contract is between the client and the job seeker

These will be in different formats, depending on the client. These can include practical interviews, working trial shifts, trade tests. These are part of the assessment process an are not paid. You are required to take your  ID to these parts of the interview process.

Interview check in and follow up
The agency asks the job seeker to call on the day of the interview, to confirm you are on route and to give us interview feedback within 24 hours of attending an interview. The agency acts on your behalf and therefore needs this information, to pass onto the client.

The job seeker is responsible to provide the agency contact details for a reference

Right to work in the uk
The job seeker must have documents as proof of the right to workin the UK. These documents must be taken to a client interview and on the 1st day of employment

Agency working hours
Our office hours are  monday to thursday 8-530  and  8-3 fridays.

Professional behaviour
We expect all candidates to show professional behaviour towards our consultant team. We have a zero tolerance policy to candidates who are aggressive or use aggressive langugae at our team. The Agency has a duty of care towards the mental health of our team of consultants and therefore we have a zero tolerance policy on aggressive behaviour or language towards the team. The Consultants work hard to find you a role and we have you treat the team in a professional way.


The job seeker acknowledges that all copyright, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights deriving from services carried out by him/her for the Hirer during the Assignment shall belong to the Hirer. Accordingly thejob seeker shall execute all such documents and do all such acts as the Employment agency shall from time to time require in order to give effect to its rights pursuant to this clause.


These Terms are governed by the law of England & Wales/Scotland/ Northern Ireland and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales/ Northern Ireland. The job seeker agrees that we can not provide further services if they do not turn up to a interview and they have accepted the interview, unless they call us to letus know.

[the end]

HtE Recruitment work very hard to support candidates and we just ask for the above from the job seeker.